Tracking Another Light Snow Maker

Good afternoon, everyone. Old Man Winter is poised to bring another round of light snow our way tonight and early Monday. This may drop some light accumulations across the northern half of the state. That kicks off a week that may very well end with temps pushing 80 and a severe weather threat.

Tonight’s snow zips in and out of town pretty quickly…

Light accumulations are a good bet for those getting under this fast-mover. Some of the Hi Res Models are showing 1″+ amounts…

Much of that will be on grass and elevated surfaces, but ground temps are a little colder following back to back hard freezes.

That action scoots away quickly on Monday, with a decent afternoon in store. After one more little dip on Tuesday, temps take off for the rest of the week. We hit the 70s by Thursday and Friday, ahead of a potent storm system rolling our way. This system continues to have a severe weather look to it…

Buckle up for a lot of those looks for the rest of spring.

Let’s get back to today and track the action in from the west and northwest…

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-71/I-75 at 12th St.
I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

Fifth Third Pavilion Live Cam
Downtown Lexington

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 @ Clays Ferry Bridge South
Between Lexington and Richmond


US 60 @ Chenault Road
Near Millville
US60 @ Chenault Road



I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead


Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

Have a good one and take care.

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7 Responses to Tracking Another Light Snow Maker

  1. Terry says:

    I hope you get an inch or two Jimbo. It looks a bit warm for you and moisture limited but maybe?!

    Myself, I want those 80s later in the week. I am happy this morning’s freeze did little damage in Harlan.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I am not looking for anything in my area. Everything has missed all year. No reason to believe it will change now. I am ok with 60 and 70 degree temperatures, you can have all the 80’s and 90’s you want.

  3. Chris Mercer says:

    26 for the low in Lexington this morning. Not near as bad as forecasted. Hopefully, that was the last hard freeze of the season. The average last hard freeze is April 3; last freeze is April 15; last frost April 27. The latest hard freeze on record is May 10!

  4. TennMark says:

    Has it really been 20 years since the infamous F5 in Birmingham?

    I recall being a young flippant teenager that while awed by the events in Birmingham, that of course couldn’t happen near me (Cleveland TN). Only about week later was the April 16th 1998 outbreak that included downtown Nashville but also a fatal twister only miles from me. I’ve never quite been the same since.

    My parents remain in Cleveland TN. A high end EF4 came within about eight miles of my folks on April 27 2011.

    • Terry says:

      I remember that April 26th and 27th, 2011 outbreak well. A lot of damage in the mid-south and deep south from wind and Dixie tornadoes!

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