Another Upper Low Spins Overhead

Good Saturday to one and all. This Summer has given us a few anomalous upper level lows spinning across the region and is throwing another our way this weekend. You simply don’t see big upper level lows during the summer around here, especially with this frequency. If you’re a fan of snow and cold, you would like to see this pattern persist into fall and winter. Can it? Hmmm

Let’s begin with our Saturday and roll forward. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are blowing up once again, and have the capability of putting down torrential rains. Local high water issues are certainly a possibility…

The upper low wants to hang around into early next week…

That would keep scattered showers and storms going, with another upper low ready to sweep in behind that for the second half of next week. As a matter of fact, additional upper level systems show up over the next few weeks. This animation does not look like something from the heart of August…

That’s actually pretty crazy to see at any time of year, let alone in August and would lead to temps averaging out cooler than normal, with much above normal rainfall. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms look to be common during this time.

The Ensembles continue to be on board with a lot of real estate across the country coming in with temps below normal. Here’s the 5 day average deep into August…

Fall talk comes your way with the next update!!

Enjoy your Saturday and take care.

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3 Responses to Another Upper Low Spins Overhead

  1. JJTEACH says:

    Looking forward to FallTalk Chris! It means we’re one step closer to Winter

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. When we get to September I’ll start looking forward to fall. Love hearing the talk, but not ready for it just yet. (I know, I’m in the minority). But so far today, it has not rained here so that’s a good thing! May be the yard will get mowed after all! Have a great rest of your Saturday everyone.

  3. Mary Salyer says:

    Thank you for tweeting the pictures of the I64 flooding between the Frankfort exits. We were heading right for it and was able to detour because of your information.
    We had to pull over both at the Georgetown and Midway exits when traveling from Salyersville to Simpsonville today. It was a wild storm!

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