Another Round Of Rain Rolls In

Good Thursday, folks. Our cold front has made it through Kentucky, but it’s putting on the brakes not too far away. That’s leading to additional rounds of showers impacting much of the state today. This action will slowly move away, leaving us with some very nice weather as we head into the weekend.

A wave of low pressure developing along the front will throw moisture back into our region. This actually looks like a wintertime setup, but it’s September so you get rain. Some areas of the southeast and east may pick up more than an inch of rain today with lighter amounts for the rest of the state…

Here’s what you need to track the latest round of rain…


With today’s showers comes some very cool high temps…

A morning shower is possible on Friday in the southeast, but clearing skies take control with lows dropping into the high 40s for some…

Highs are mainly in the upper 60s and low 70s for much of the east, with higher numbers west.

There’s almost another weak front moving in Friday night and early Saturday, bringing a little cooler brand of air for Saturday. Highs are generally upper 60s and low 70s central and east, with middle 70s west.

The nice weather rolls into Sunday, but active weather appears to work back in next week. We will watch a couple of systems bring more rounds of showers and storms our way…

Enjoy the cool and damp day and take care.

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22 Responses to Another Round Of Rain Rolls In

  1. Terry says:

    The latest data shows possibly over 2 inches for Harlan today. We are fine at the moment but now over 3 inches since the weekend and raining steady while I type this…..getting saturated here.

    It stinks about the cold no show for the weekend and possibly next week but still much nicer than where we have been since about mid May. We still have not reached a low of 60 or colder yet in Harlan and the average will soon be in the 40s once we get into October! We have a few upper 50s forecast here but mostly 60s next week for lows….sigh

    • Andy Rose says:

      I am already over 3/4th of an inch today and 6 inches of rain since Saturday. I had only had 0.6 inches of rain for the month prior to Saturday.

      • Terry says:

        The famous NW shift is definitely in play with this system. We should be under a flood watch like SW VA and East TN. Even central/western KY may get a lot today!

  2. Schroeder says:

    Looking forward to the fine Autumn weather this weekend. Our first frost on average ( what ever that means ) is around the tenth of October. On the weather maps this morning I notice that the trough to our west is moving further south, but the high pressure ridge in the southeast Atlantic is still influencing our weather by stalling cold fronts to our south and causing chances for more rain for our southeastern counties. Hopefully this high pressure ridge will weaken over the next couple of weeks allowing drier cooler Autumn weather to prevail ?

  3. Jared from Letcher County says:

    If the radar hold it looks like most of Kentucky will get at least some moderate rainfall for a while.
    Also can you imagine this being winter and people waking up to a surprise snow? lol

  4. Jirvin1120 says:

    I thought the weather guys said it was going to be clear from Thursday thru Sunday?

  5. MarkLex says:

    Lexingon (KLEX) is oh so close to having #1 spot for most precip for the month of Sept. From the data I can see, month to date is 10.03 inches (wettest is 10.25) inches and year to date is 53.36 inches.

    But I don’t know about location….the historical data I do not think was always at KLEX. I think it was downtown. So maybe back when records were being kept at another location, perhaps KLEX did achieve those totals but it just wasn’t recorded at that particular location? I’m not sure how that works.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Charleston WV is the nearest reporting station to me. They have already obliterated the previous rain record for September. The old record was 7.69 inches in 2011 we are now at 9.56 today and it is pouring. On a side note, I welcome some dry weather but dread the return of the 80’s next week.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Correction, record was in 2004 in Charleston WV.

  8. Mike S says:

    Another fun stat…
    Looking at Lexington’s climatological record, using a reference table with the number of 90 degree days in a month AND at least 10″ precipitation for the month, I came up with 14 hits. September 2018 holds the most days in the 90’s (8 days) with at least 10″ of rainfall, beating out June 1998 (6 days) and July 1896 (5 days) that also had at least 10″ rainfall for their respective months.

    • MarkLex says:

      June 1998 you mentioned. The reason that month was so wet is we had this major thunderstorm. I was working near Richmond road at that time and it stormed like CRAZY for 2 hours and rained 5 inches. If I’m not mistaken it was a pop-up storm that didn’t move and it was super intense.

  9. Mike S says:

    Lexington is about to hit their wettest September ever….

  10. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Creeks and streams starting to come out of their banks within the last 30 minutes…

  11. Terry says:

    Well we have a flood warning now in Harlan but no watch….sigh☹

  12. winter lover says:

    I hope you guys that’s had a lot of rain in central or Eastern part of state overcome what’s coming at you. We here in Western part of state hasn’t had as much rain that you guys had. On another note the chili air that was forecast for next week that Chris mention looks like will be on hold due the action that’s going on in the Atlantic ocean as Tropical depression is developing.

  13. Troy says:

    Blah. Have a feeling this ridiculously wet spring summer and fall will lead to a ridiculously wet (at 33°) winter.

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