Good Monday, folks. The final work week of October is off and running with another chilly day in store for much of Kentucky. This kicks off a very active week of weather as we watch low pressure team up with a tropical system to bring a heavy rain threat in here later in the week. Nothing like October going out with a bang, huh? 🙂

Temps today range from the low to middle 50s for many, but the farther southeast you go, the temps likely spike into the 60s. This is essentially the same setup we’ve seen over the past few days.

Scattered showers will also be noted, but the amounts do look too heavy at all. Here are your friendly radars to follow along with…

Don’t forget to fully utilize our exclusive interactive radar. Take it anywhere in the country to follow the weather all the way down to street level. The snowstorm and historic cold in the west would probably be a good place to start with and you may even see a few live video streams from there.  I pay a lot of money for that radar service, so you guys don’t have to! 🙂

The weather on Tuesday looks pretty similar to what we have out there today, but there could be a period of heavier rains in the far west.

Zeta continues to strengthen as it heads toward the Yucatan Peninsula and then into the Gulf of Mexico. This then heads toward the central Gulf coast for a Wednesday landfall…

cone graphic

As this is happening, a deep system is rolling out of the southwest and is going to try to pick up Zeta and entrain it, forming a major storm system. This would impact our weather from Wednesday through Friday and could mean a lot of rain and wind. How much of a merger do we get between Zeta and our storm system? That will be the determining factor on just h0w nasty things get here in Kentucky.

The EURO and Canadian Models are the most threatening…



The GFS looks too fast with Zeta and keeps the storm well ahead of the southwestern storm system…

What does all this mean for Kentucky?

  • Rounds of rain and a few thunderstorms Wednesday through Friday.
  • Rainfall amounts of a few inches will be possible.
  • Wind gusts of 30mph or a little greater may also show up.
  • Temps will spike during this time.

That storm system may then go on to produce an early season snow event from the WV mountains into the northeastern part of the country.

I’ve been talking about the historic cold and snow in the west and plains, but the Sunday morning temp took things to a new level…

The coldest temp on record for this early in the year in the lower 48!! WOW! Not that there is a correlation, but the winter of 1919-20 was solidly colder than normal around here. 🙂

I will have another update later today, so check back. Have a great day and take care.