Good Monday to one and all. Tropical air invaded the state on Sunday, bringing a few showers and storms with it. This air hangs tough this week as rounds of rain and thunderstorms increase, bringing a local flash flood threat to Kentucky and surrounding areas.

The setup for the week continues to play out as we’ve been talking about for a while. High pressure is anchored off the southeast coast with a moist flow coming right at us from the Gulf of Mexico…

A few thoughts on the setup:

  • Rounds of showers and storms will be more common during the afternoon and evening hours.
  • The action will decrease in the overnight and early morning hours, but we will still have scattered stuff around.
  • This isn’t all day rainfall and it may not rain at your house every single day.
  • Where it does rain, it will come down in buckets and may produce local flash flooding issues on occasion.
  • Tropical humidity is way up through the end of the week.

By the time we get into Friday and Saturday, the pattern starts to shift around a bit with a system dropping in from the northwest. That’s when stronger storms may show up around here. The models continue to spit out a lot of rain over the next week or so…

Again, individual thunderstorms can significantly add to model totals.

The EURO Ensembles continue to point toward this wet pattern going through the next two weeks with a tropical connection…

Next week may very well feature our first real chance at some tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico.

So far, my summer thoughts of this being a tame temp and wetter than normal summer are in good shape. Of course, it’s still early in the game. 😎

I leave you with your radars for the day…

Make it a great day and take care.