Bitter Cold Follows The Snow

Good Thursday, folks. Snow blitz 2022 continues as the third significant snowfall in less than two weeks winds down early today. As the latest round of snow moves out, temps absolutely crash over the next few days and may hit zero in a few spots.

Roads today are an absolute mess across many areas of central and eastern Kentucky. That’s especially true from the Lexington area east and south where several inches of fresh snow is causing all kinds of issues.

A few flurries or light snow showers may be with areas of central and eastern Kentucky into the afternoon as highs stay in the 20s. As skies clear overnight, temps take a deep plunge into the single digits for areas with snow on the ground. Wind chills are below zero at the same time.

Highs on Friday range from the upper teens to middle 20s and this will lead into a bitterly cold Friday night and Saturday morning. With snow on the ground, some areas may very well go below zero and that’s showing up on some of the models…


Additional systems will drop in here early next week and could bring some light snow with them. We will need to watch for one or two of those systems to dig even deeper causing another big storm system to develop.

This continues to be part of an absolutely frigid pattern. Look at the average temp departures from normal over the next 7 days…


I will talk about where the pattern goes from here with updates later today. Until then, here are your snow and slick road tracking tools…


Lexington - Downtown







London - Big Daddy RVs






Mt. Parkway near Slade


Morehead State University





Make it a great day and take care.


  1. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing

    At this rate, If Louisville is to make it to its average snowfall total per season it’s going to have to take 20 snowfall events in Ky..(sarcasm))
    “Hey Mister can you spare a dime.”

  2. Schroeder

    Thanks Chris, Snowfall accumulation for Maple 1.7 inches from midnight till now. Pulled up this total from the Ventusky weather site under Snow cover. I just wish that the Snow Lovers out there that miss out would get there share of these Clipper systems moving through. Maybe the next time ?

  3. Shaak

    Huge bust for central KY.

  4. Winterlover

    Again snow was a no show here in western ky. It doesn’t like my part of world this winter. Lol

    • Schroeder

      I’m detecting a question in your comment. Contact Meteorologist Chris Bailey and he would be able to explain why Western Kentucky is not receiving the Snow as they have in the eastern areas of the state.

      • Winterlover

        Schroder, the snow systems pattern has been the same spot under cutting western part of state and going up the central and eastern part of the state with lot more moisture to deal with. Maybe or maybe not we will get our chances before winter is over.

        • Schroeder

          What we have been receiving in the way of Snowstorms are Clipper systems coming from the Northwest and there is more down the weather road.

          If we had a more active Subtropical Jet Stream phasing with the Polar jet Stream, ( the pipe line for the Clippers to ride ) which would phase over the Southern Rocky Mountains, the whole state of Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana would have Snow on the ground this morning.

          Let me ask this question please ; When was the last time it Snowed big time in the state of Kansas ? It’s been years since I heard of a Major Snowstorm coming from the Southwest.

          This is why the Big Snowstorms are rare anymore. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have been convinced that our Climate has changed.

          If ENSO comes into play and the PDO goes to positive phase in the month of August 2022 our Winter with bigger and more widespread Snowstorms may return. Until that occurs we are stuck with La Nina.

          • Ray

            Schroeder, I absolutely agree with you. Our climate has definitely changed and continues to do so. It’s actually pretty scary.

  5. DashConnely

    Another instance of overpromising and underdelivering on yesterday’s forecaset

    • Jeff Hamlin

      Totally false

  6. MarkLex

    I can’t get over how every single storm the cutoff has been crazy….Lexington has been on the very edge of every storm so far….

  7. kywildcat

    Sad all the snow is coming to an end, pattern flip incoming? Maybe we cash in beforehand, models are not very enthused at our chances 🙁

  8. Jeff Hamlin

    Anyone calling this a bust is lying.

    • Andy_Rose

      We value your opinion. Stay warm.

      • Jeff Hamlin

        At least I don’t make asinine comments about Chris’s forecasting if snow fails to materialize in my area.

  9. Ray

    We’re already back into the 50s by early February. Something tells me that we are in for a big time severe thunderstorm tornado season this year

  10. Schroeder

    Ray, my area of Taylor County had two close calls with Tornadoes, late last year, and the other just a few weeks ago. The first one was just a mile up the main road from my home, and the second one I could see the funnel cloud to my Southwest, but didn’t touch down until it got way out of vision.

    It is looking like an early start to the severe weather season. After the third of February the Southeast ridge will build back in and force the trough back West. I’ll be glad when Summer gets here and the weather settles a bit.

  11. Winterlover

    Folks February and March has it swings. It can warm one week and another week may have a thumper of snow it has happen and will do it again in time

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