Good Monday, everyone. We continue to track a summer preview across the region this week, but changes are already taking shape this weekend into early next week. That’s when storm chances and cooler temps fight back into the bluegrass state.

I’m also going to take a little look into the summer ahead.

Let’s begin with the short range and roll forward. Highs today range from the upper 70s to low 80s for most of the state under a mix of sun and clouds.

Temps really take over for Tuesday and Wednesday and surge deep into the 80s for the entire state. Western Kentucky has a chance to see the first 90 of the season.

Our next threat for showers and storms arrives later in the weekend as a deep trough looks to dive into the region. That may set the stage for some ugly early next week…


That look tells us to enjoy the warm and dry weather of this week because things will likely be much different a week from now.

Looking toward summer and what some of the seasonal models have to say, we are already seeing a nice little split.

The CFS has done a solid job with our spring pattern and it did pretty well with our big winter reversal. The latest CFS shows summer temps ranging from normal to slightly below normal…


One of the reasons it does so is because it has this same area much wetter than normal…


That map implies a lot of storms rolling our way from the northern plains states.

Contrast that with what the EURO is showing for rainfall anomalies…


Just a little different, eh?

Still, the EURO doesn’t go wild with temps and keeps us around normal…


It’s obviously much warmer than the CFS in the plains, but that’s because it keeps it drier than normal.

My thoughts for the summer are much closer to the CFS than the EURO. The Euro seasonal model just cannot find any kind of below normal air and is skewed toward the warm side.

Enjoy your Monday and take care.