Good Monday to one and all.  After a picture perfect weekend of weather, we have another blast of heat blowing in over the next few days. This looks similar to last week, but should only have a 2 or 3 day run for many before a cold front cuts it off at the pass.

Before we get into the heat, let’s look back on one amazing weekend. Highs for many were in the 70s with Sunday morning lows bringing a September feel…

This was no surprise to anyone who reads KWC of watches me on WKYT. 😎😜

Temps this morning are back into the pleasant 50s for many and things remain rather pleasant this afternoon. Highs are in the 80s for central and eastern Kentucky with the upper 80s and low 90s west.

Tuesday finds temps across the eastern half of the state hitting the upper 80s and low 90s with mid 90s west.

This takes us to Wednesday and we continue to see the model feud taking place.

The GFS has 90s for the entire state…


You can see the occasional upper 90 in there.

The Canadian continues to trend toward the GFS…


The EURO had been showing all time record heat of better than 110 degrees and had zero chance of verifying. It’s slowly trending down and now has 100-105…


That’s likely still well too hot, folks.

Moral of the story, Tuesday and Wednesday are hot but not the all time record garbage the EURO has been spewing.

A cold front drops in with showers and thunderstorms Wednesday night and early Thursday…


Temps come way down behind that with mainly upper 80s on Thursday.

Those numbers bounce up a few degrees after that, but another cold front looks to move in here with some showers and storms later Sunday…


Temps look to come way back down after that.

Here’s the 7 day temp departure from the GFS for June 26-July 3…


Have a great Monday and take care.