Thursday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. All eyes continue to be on the New Year’s weekend and the potential for snow to impact parts of our region. This comes as another bitterly cold air mass moves back in here

The snow late Friday into Saturday continues to target northern and northeastern parts of the state. It’s a fine line we are walking across just to the south. Here’s the First Call For Snowfall…

Any kind of south trend of just a few miles would greatly change that map. I continue to like what the Canadian Model is cooking with this system. Here’s the short range version of that model…

Notice how the GFS has a MUCH sharper cutoff on the southern edge of the show…

Bitterly cold temps come in behind that system, giving us temps that can make a run at zero by the first two days of the new year. Wind chills go well below zero at times.

The setup coming in after that continues to look absolutely amazing on the European Model. Look at the polar vortex diving in here…

The surface map on that shows a monster east coast winter storm, but each run is coming farther west with it…

Another system dives in here right behind it with a more potent trough diving southward a few days later…

That too is a heck of a look at the end of the European Model run…

I will update things again tonight, so check back. Have a great evening and take care.

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12 Responses to Thursday Evening Update

  1. C in BG says:

    Festive flakes. Simply just that. Everyone go about your business.
    At any rate it is 63 days until Spring. I kid, I kid… kind of. 😉

  2. Terry says:

    Dang….you NE KY folks are ‘hoggin’ all the snow with those big 1/2 inch storms you all keep getting hit Seriously though, southern KY is starving for snow. I am actually behind last year’s seasonal total with still 1/4 inch total so far to date. I had about an inch through December of last year.

    • Troy says:

      Lucky! Only about a quarter of an inch total here last year and for this year so far… a big fat goose egg (which is what I fully expect to end this season with)!!!

  3. c-BIV says:

    Looks like 5″ of snow where I’m headed in Illinois tomorrow, and they already have 5″ on the ground. Will be nice to see around 10″ of snow on the ground. It’s been a couple years.

  4. endleswavz says:

    It’s about to get chilly! Wooohoooo!

  5. Jim Hamm says:

    Boo…not happy Chris. I was kinda hoping for an extra day or two for Christmas break before going back to school.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Any snow accumulation will be north of the Ohio River. So far every clipper has went north. No reason to think this will be any different. The GFS looks about like what I expect.

  7. Chris Mercer says:

    Cold the past few days, but no where near exceptionally cold. 1989 saw many days of below zero temperatures in December. We hit -18 in February of 2015 as part of a brutally cold and snow month. Although a few days with highs in the 20’s and lows in the single digits are cold, I would say this is pretty “normal” for this time of year.

  8. Blizzardtim says:

    Cold without snow is just miserable….I’m thinking a trip to Bora Bora would cure that misery..

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