Good evening, folks. I have no changes at all on the developing winter storm that is rocketing our way from the west and southwest. This will become a shut down snow for many areas from late tonight through Monday night.

Snow is increasing to our west , but the real juice will be surging in from the southwest into Monday. Snowfall rates of 2″ per hour will be a good possibility. I’m looking at our setup and I’m wondering if we can get a clap of thunder out of this. That’s certainly possible.

I have no changes to the earlier call for snowfall…

Special 2A final call map will come your way tonight at 11pm on WKYT-TV.

All that’s left to do is to sit back and watch this thing unfold tonight and Monday. Help us out by posting the weather conditions from where you live. I will have a full set of tracking tools later tonight, but here’s something to get you started…

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Enjoy the evening and take care.