Updating The Winter Changes

Good evening, everybody. Temps are feeling more than 30 degrees colder than last evening as cold air continues to press in. This is the first of several fronts on the way for the next few weeks, each pulling down much colder air and bringing snow chances to our region.

The steady rains this evening continue to push out of the southeast, with the possibility of a passing flurry…

A second front moves in on Thursday with the potential for a few flurries, this knocks our temps way down as that cold air keeps coming at us.

The Saturday clipper is likely to be a light snow maker to much of our region. The European Model continues to get a better handle on this feature with each run…

That can put down an inch or two into parts of our region. The same can be said for the GFS…

I will be curious to see if this trends a little stronger as we get closer… That’s usually how the models handle clippers. All I can say is, we have the potential for a light accumulation of snow Saturday into Saturday night. 🙂

Gusty winds and a blast of cold combine to produce single digit wind chills beyond this by Sunday morning…

I haven’t been shy about beating the winter weather drum from this weekend through next week and beyond. This is a deep trough with several snow systems working through here next week…

I fully expect our first snow days to show up next week.

It’s amazing at how consistent the pattern continues to show on the models. This is just a harsh stretch of winter weather for the eastern half of the country…

I will update things later tonight, so check back.

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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7 Responses to Updating The Winter Changes

  1. C in BG says:

    Thanks Chris. I sure hope all this cold air doesn`t go to waste by us being nickel and dimed to death by ankle biters. If I recall correctly, 2013-2014 was mainly clippers/ankle biter snows.

    • Andy Rose says:

      You would be correct.

    • Terry says:

      Still will be better than last year and at least feel the part of Christmas, though I would rather have an active southern jet to amp the storm threat a little more than the current more salt than snow forecast too though:/

  2. Msd says:

    Thanks Chris. I remember one particular instance of a very fast moving clipper type system. It was not even forecast, but I could see it coming in the radar. Even then, the local weather station tweeted that it would be a flurry with no accumulations. And yet it rapidly out down an inch in a matter of minutes before racing out.

  3. BubbaG says:

    I recall the clipper a little before TG Shuck left 27. CB was forecasting it and warned the wrap around snows were the main part, but people dogged CB that it missed… until the wrap around effect snow kicked in. TG backed CB up and told reminded everybody just before it hit.

  4. Snowteach says:

    I can’t believe this next sentence is coming out of my brain. This snow day lover does NOT want a snow day next week. Our wacky semester schedule lets us out on Friday UNLESS we have a snow day, then we have to come back the following Monday AND Tuesday!!! #letsjustgettheseeightdaysoverwith

  5. Cold Rain says:

    Give me something big coming out of the gulf in January and take our chances..may get a warm nose but who cares..Not impressed with these clippers..Hopefully we get an early spring EARLY and be none with winter..

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