Updating The Wintry Weekend

Good evening, folks. It continues to look like a very wintry weekend across the bluegrass state as a clipper dives in from the northwest. This will bring a light accumulation of snow to our region, to go along with gusty winds and tanking temps.

Now that we are under 48 hours until the clipper arrives, the models are seeing this system a little better. Shocking, right? Check the how the upper levels show have a more potent look…

Here’s the European Model…

The simulated radar from the Hi-Res NAM is still a little underdone, but you can see the plume coming in from Lake Michigan…

The late afternoon GFS is also looking better with the clipper…

On a quick side note, look how close the southeast snowstorm gets to southeastern Kentucky tomorrow.

The models are still LIKELY underplaying the northwesterly flow, so let’s watch that trend into Friday.

It’s good to see the models now looking like my light snowfall odds map…

Winds are going to be a HUGE player Saturday afternoon and evening. Gusts can hit 30mph or greater…

That’s going to create a full blown flizzard at times. 🙂 It’s also going to take our wind chills way, way down. Wind chill numbers of 10-15 will show up Saturday evening…

Those numbers may hit the single digits by Sunday morning.

Beyond this weekend, arctic shots and clippers dive in with snow chances beginning as early as Monday night. You can see the additional cold blast showing up…

I will have your usual update later tonight and may throw out a first call map on WKYT at 11.

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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19 Responses to Updating The Wintry Weekend

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Love it when you talk snow! Even a little bit, especially this time of year!

  2. Andy Rose says:

    If this weekend is going to be the definition of very wintry it doesn’t give much hope for the rest of the season

    • BubbaG says:

      I would rather have snow globe snow instead of something to shovel. Selfish view with kids grown up now. I just see it as work now. Not a fan of salt ratios higher than snow either. Slugs hate it too.

  3. Rickie H says:

    I’m excited about the snow chance… I have a question , is it going to warm back up before Christmas? I’m hoping the cold hangs in there.

  4. Farmer 43 says:

    I’m not a meteorologist but this pattern that is taking shape is not that impressive to me I’ve lived in ky all my life i would call it more normal than anything for almost the middle of December it’s nice to have some cold weather for a change but would not call it extreme by any stretch some of longer range temps I’ve seen show some moderation I hope not like to have more of a normal winter

  5. JJTeach says:

    I’m really looking ahead to any advisory events for the future. All this snow in the south is making me feel like I’m missing out! Thanks CB for keeping us updated as always.

  6. Cold Rain says:

    Gee..Early December and a few sound like they’re ready to jump off a cliff..When you get snow in Mexico this time of year or anytime i would call that impressive..This is a good pattern to help thing’s on down the road..Got to build some cold air and snow pack to our north.

    • Terry says:

      The lack of snow pack in the north Central US is the only reason the Arctic air is modifying so much and not hitting around 0 here. It was -70 in Russia last week….now that is impressive for late November!

  7. Cold Rain says:

    System to the south is intriguing..Been fun tracking it..Here’s the HR Nam..Inching into parts of Ky..Not saying it will happen but a few more shifts??


  8. Prelude says:

    Before it’s all said and done the Saturday flurry system will be non existent

    • BubbaG says:

      On TV, CB does seem to be really really emphasizing “light” snow for this weekend, almost to the point of not much. Light is the term for the week as well. It is what it is. Snow globe snow FTW!

  9. Prelude says:

    To see locations in the Deep South get snowfall while we get nothing is absolutely wrong. I don’t care what month it is!

  10. Russell says:

    We can’t get snow in west Ky ever….

  11. Dwhite1990 says:

    00z runs bring the southern system very close to SE KY.

  12. Blizzardtim says:

    Southern system trending north…our forecast here in SE tn. Went from flurries today ..to 100% snow 1-3″ !!

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