Sunday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, folks. I promised to drop by for another update and I’m a man of my weather word. 🙂 All eyes continue to be focused on a big change for the week ahead. It’s one that can bring tropical rains back into the bluegrass state and will definitely bring a much chillier weather pattern.

Michael is forming in the southern Gulf of Mexico and may become a weak hurricane on the way to the central Gulf Coast. The NHC forecast track seems to be buying way too much into the outlier European Model…

cone graphic

Let’s keep in mind how bad the European Model has been with tropical systems this season. It continues to suffer from severe convective feedback, which then alters the movement of the storm.

The GFS is back west, throwing tropical moisture into the cold front as it crosses the state. While the track of the center is to our east, look at all the rain it still throws into central and eastern Kentucky…

The Canadian Model continues to be farther west…

Following all that up is chilly air that turns cold. Check out how the pattern flips, allowing all that cold to finally flood into the east…

I leave you with radars to track today’s scattered storms going up…

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.

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4 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Update

  1. Joyce says:

    Chris, we are in Perdido Key. I sure hope it doesn’t become a hurricane. I will be watching for you to update all your Ky people down here on vacation.

  2. Michelle says:

    I can deal with the heat in the summer months, but this far into October is a bit ridiculous……but it did take a while for spring/summer to arrive and when it did, it arrived with a bang! Ready for fall temps. Here is is fall break and it feels like a summer break. My daughter even went swimming haha. I want to go to fall festivals and the pumpkin patches, but not with it hot! Time to let go heat miser.

  3. Mike S says:

    Louisville’s 92 degree reading on October 5 was its hottest October day since October 8, 2007 when it was 93 degrees. Sorry, I’ve been away from my computer

  4. sue moore says:

    Chris thank you for keeping all of us here in Kentucky posted and updated on what’s going on in Florida. My son ,daughter-in-law, their three married children with their spouses, and three of their children are there on vacation. I can’t help but be concerned, but it helps to know what’s going on.

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