Good evening, folks. The potential is there for a corridor of strong storms to set up tonight and Monday from southern Indiana into areas of Kentucky. This has the look of a torrential rain maker for folks caught under the storm train.

The models are keying on areas of central and south central Kentucky for the best chance of seeing this. Take a look at the robust totals they are spitting out overnight into the first part of Monday…






Another round of storms will likely develop a little east of this one by late Monday and Monday night. But, we aren’t through there, we will have additional big clusters of storms through the week and into the weekend. No, it’s not going to rain all the time by any means, but some hefty totals will be noted over the next week as temps come back down.

I will update as needed this evening and overnight, so check back. Here are your radars to track the action…

Have a good one and take care.