Good Saturday, fall lovers. This is about as awesome as the weather gets around here as fall settles into the bluegrass state for the next several days. While we are feeling fall, we will also be watching the Gulf of Mexico for a developing tropical system that has a chance to impact our weather later next week.

There really isn’t anything more I can say about the current weather pattern. It’s downright chilly, well below normal, and its flat out awesome. You know I’m a country boy when I use the term “flat out”! 🙂

Highs today are generally in the 60s with winds still a bit breezy. Skies stay clear and that sets the stage for a very chilly night ahead with readings form 40-45 with a shot at some upper 30s in the coldest valleys.

Winds will continue to stir and that will make it feel a little chillier than that. Highs for Sunday are back into the upper 60s to low 70s.

40s for lows will then be common through Wednesday of next week with highs 70-75. I told you guys this was an awesome pattern!!

This takes us into the second half of next week and that’s where everything depends on what happens with Tropical Storm Beta down in the Gulf of Mexico…

This storm is going to be a very slow system that becomes a hurricane as it moves toward Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Watches are already out…

Can this system impact our weather later next week? That’s a possibility as we get several troughs diving into the plains and east and trying to pick this up. The models vary on how this plays out, but do develop some healthy systems…



I will throw you another update later today, so check back. Have a great day and take care.