Good Wednesday, folks. Some REALLY nice and mild air is surging into the region today, giving us more of a September feel through the end of the week. That’s when our next rain maker arrives in the form of a cold front. That kicks off a very busy setup across the country for the closing days of October as a good old fashioned temperature fight takes place.

Let’s start with today and the 70s. Winds are coming from the southwest with a mix of sun and clouds. Humidity levels are up just a bit and I still can’t rule out an isolated shower going up, but most stay dry.

Thursday’s forecast is essentially today on repeat. 🙂

A cold front then drops in here on Friday, bringing an increase in showers and storms during the afternoon and evening. That’s likely to keep a few lingering showers going into Saturday…

Temps come way down on Saturday and may not get out of the 50s for many areas…

That’s a heck of a front in terms of the temp difference.

The numbers should bounce back a bit Sunday and Monday as the overall pattern begins to change in a hurry. The amount of cold air coming into the country this weekend into next week may be record breaking for a lot of folks. That air targets the Rockies and plains then presses eastward. How fast of a press do we get with that? With September temps hanging on across the southeast, it’s setting the stage for a big time seasonal battle that may play out right on top of us.

The models continue to waffle back and forth on how everything evolves and that’s understandable given the amount of extremes taking place. The latest runs from the GFS and Canadian are colder around here and still bring a lot of rain, with winter weather showing up closer than earlier runs…



We continue to see some interesting possibilities for the final week and change of October.

I will have another update later today, so y’all check back. Have a great Wednesday and take care.