Good evening, everyone. We’ve had a taste of November over the past week, so Mother Nature is paying us back with a taste of September for the next few days. All of this coming in what should be October, but who want’s to be normal nowadays? 🙂 Mild temps will be noted through the end of the week, but a cold front kicks off a much different pattern for the closing week of the month.

Temps out there today are deep into the 70s so enjoy it. The numbers will be in similar territory for Thursday with local 80 degree numbers possible.

Friday features an increase in showers and storms for the afternoon and evening as our front marches in from the northwest. This front will bring a fairly dramatic drop in temps as we go from the 70s on Friday to the 50s for Saturday. The NAM is actually even chillier…

Clouds and lingering showers will likely in what looks like a pretty ugly Saturday as of now.

Temps rebound a bit on Sunday, but this cold air in the plains is really going to try to press southeastward pretty quickly early next week. This highly anomalous cold is going to cause issues for the models and we’ve been seeing that already with wild swings from run to run. Just like what we are seeing with the air behind the Friday front, watch for the models to grow colder as we get closer to next week.

Regardless,  the models are still trying to figure it all out, but it looks very unsettled…

Enjoy the rest of the evening and take care.