Good Wednesday, folks. The record setting snow has finally ended, but the focus is already on the next storm system rolling in here later this week into the weekend. This comes from a bowling ball upper level low that can bring rain and snow across much of the region. If we can get under or just north of the upper low, we could be in some good snow business.

Before we look ahead, let me take a quick look back at the record setting snow to end November and begin December.

This was the snowiest end to November and start to December on record in Lexington. We officially recorded 2.3″ of snow Monday, breaking the daily record for November 30th. Tuesday’s 1.5″ of snow breaks the record for December 1st. That brought the event total to 3.8″. This was also the snowiest November since 1976 (there’s that year again) and it all fell in one day. The 2.3″ yesterday was the snowiest November day since 1966. Tuesday’s 1.5″ of snow makes this the snowiest December since 2012 and that fell at the end of the month. Tuesday’s snowfall is also more than the past 7 Decembers combined (1″) and we did it in one day.
This brings us to the next system that may throw rain and snow into western Kentucky as early as Thursday. What happens from here is still rather murky as a bowling ball upper low comes east. How this thing comes out determines how much of an impact this system has on us. Rain and snow will both be possible Friday into the weekend, but I really can’t say anything more than that.
The models aren’t really a big help as there really isn’t much in the way of agreement…
This could be one of those systems that goes from 0-60 in a single run with every model getting on board at the last second. On the flipside, it could also be a situation with the models going from 60-0 in a single run with every model getting off board at the last second. Cutoff lows are a bear to forecast.
I’ve been pointing toward the middle of December for the potential to get some arctic air diving into the country. The various ensembles continue to carve out a DEEP trough into the country during this time..
That’s a nice little hookup of the various blocks over the top.
Now we’re seeing the operational models picking up on the potential for this deep trough…
Yes. this is out there in week two, but it matches the pattern and matches what the different indices are screaming at us. The GFS is seeing the arctic potential for the middle of the month…
Wind chills
This ain’t last December, folks. As a matter of fact, this is likely to be the coldest and snowiest since 2010 before all is said and done.
I will have updates later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.