Merry Christmas Eve, folks. Our major snowstorm will slowly pull away from eastern Kentucky over the next few hours, but snow showers and squalls continue to kick in through Christmas Day. These will put down some hit and run whiteout conditions and additional accumulations up to an inch or two in localized areas.

Do you guys realize how historic this is? A true snowstorm on Christmas Eve across the eastern half of the state is about as awesome as you can get. At the end of the day, the forecast I had out is going to wind up working out pretty good. I could have moved the lines just a big farther west, but I’ll take it…

Let’s be honest here, is there any more pressure possible than forecasting a White Christmas days in advance when everyone else is telling you it’s not going to happen?

To the professional weather folks out there who would rather troll than actually forecast, you guys have ZERO impact on what I do or my WKYT team does. We will keep doing what we do and that’s taking care of the people of this region. The forecast isn’t always going to be correct, but it’s not going to be because I let someone else live rent free in my head to where it impacts my own independent forecast.

You guys are why I started this blog (WKYT then KWC)  more than 15 years ago and just know I will always put your safety and well-being before anything else.

Can you guys feel the love oozing out of that last line? 💖😁

Merry Christmas  and enjoy tracking the snow and squalls on our radars…


I will be back later tonight for a full update. Have a good one and take care.