Good Wednesday Evening everyone. Your friendly weather dude is not so friendly this evening after missing on the last snow forecast for some areas. I’m usually good for one a winter and let’s hope this is it. Let’s breakdown the last snow and take a look ahead.

The Good:

– Pinpointing this storm from more than a week away as a major eastern U.S. winter storm.

– Verifying another winter storm threat as several areas did pick up 4″ or more inches.

– Calling for this low and precip shield to come farther west than the models were showing.

– The snow forecast for western and parts of central Ky.

The Bad:

– The snow forecast for southeastern Ky was beyond bad.

– The snow forecast for parts of central Ky was almost bad.

– Not being far enough west  and north with the Tennessee low which allowed for just enough warm air to sneak in to keep the precip as rain longer than I thought.

– I gotta work on my rain to snow forecasting technique as this the third winter in a row where my biggest miss has come during such an event.

Find me another weather dude or dudette who is that open!

Time for the look ahead-lines…

– Snow showers and flurries will be possible later tonight into early Thursday. Not a big deal.

– A clipper moves in for Thursday night and Friday morning with a swath of light accumulating snows.

– Another clipper will pass us by just to the north late Saturday and may bring a snow shower or flurry.

– The first half of next week will offer up the next storm threat. That’s about all I can tell you about it right now.

– A major arctic attack is likely for much of the central and eastern half of the country for the middle and end of next week.

– Winter has a long way to go before it ends.

Thanks for all you guys do in keeping the weather community up to date with the weather across the state and even the surrounding states. Have a great evening and take care.