2:30pm Update

Good afternoon everyone. First off… a BIG thanks for all the reports over the past few days. I have said it many times… but you guys are the backbone of this blog and I appreciate each of you. We have a heck of a weather family here and it is growing by the day. Thanks for all you do.

Snows will slowy wind down over the next few hours in eastern Kentucky. Some flurries or snow showers will be possible later tonight and early Thursday before a clipper moves in for Friday. I will have a new “look ahead” post coming up a bit later.

Take care.


Good late Wednesday morning everyone. The snows are winding down across central Kentucky right now with reports of up to 4″ in some spots. Western Kentucky has been the big snow winner so far with around 6″ for some.

The snow in eastern Kentucky is a thorn in my side as it has been like pulling teeth to get the rain to change to snow in some areas. Parts of eastern Ky have already picked up 2″ of snow as others are just now seeing their first flakes. What a storm gives… it also takes away. Central and western Ky gets in on more snow than originally called for while the east gets less. Such is the life of forecasting snow around here… especially when dealing with a rain to snow situation. That is my kryptonite. lol

Snow will continue across eastern and southeastern Kentucky into late this afternoon. Areas that have yet to see snow will eventualy get in on the action. Just not as much of the action as I thought.

More updates as needed… take care.

8:30am Update

Good morning again. I wanted to throw  a few more cams your way this morning…

Richmond, Kentucky - Richmond Webcam

Somerset, Kentucky - Somerset Webcam

Your weather dude needs to rest a bit as he has a long day ahead of him at his real job… you know… the one that pays the bills. 

More updates later. Until then… keep doing your thing and post the weather where you live.  Take care.

7am Update

Good morning everyone. The snow line is slowing working across eastern and southeastern Kentucky this morning. It is a few hours slower than I thought in doing so… but it is making steady progress. Moderate to heavy bands of snow have been setting up across much of central Kentucky overnight and continue this morning.

Deepening low pressure heading toward the Carolinas will now help in the rain to snow switch in the east. It is also the eastern part of the state that will see the heaviest precipitation today. It wasn’t until the daylight hours that we said to expect the bulk of the snow in this region anyway. The short range RUC model as well as the new GFS and NAM runs continue to show a very heavy, wet snowfall for the eastern half of the state with the highest totals in the southeast.

For central and western Kentucky… the snow will slowly diminish through the day from west to east. Parts of central Kentucky around the I-75 corridor will likely pick up a few more inches with another inch or so possible back near I-65 before the snows shut off.

Keep posting the weather where you live and take care.

3am Update

Ok… I am calling it a night. Here is hoping each of you get the snow you want out of this.Some parts of western Kentucky have already picked up 4″-6″ of wet snow. For the folks in parts of central and eastern Ky… stay patient as most of your snows will fall during the day. That is especially true along and east of I-75.

More updates will come your way as needed or as I wake up. Take care.

Previous Update

Good Wednesday everyone. Our winter storm is in progress across the state and all we can do is track it and do some “nowcasting”. That is where you come into play in giving us ground truth on what’s going on out there. That is better than any fancy computer model or radar, so it’s all on you.

I have this blog set up with the tools you need to track the storm. Before we get to the toys… here are some thoughts from your friendly weather dude.

– By the time you are reading this… most areas will have switched over to snow (though I will likely have another update or two by then ). The last place to make the switch should be across the valleys of southeastern Kentucky.

– Snow will end by mid morning in the west and work east from there reaching far eastern parts of the state by late afternoon or early evening.

– Low pressure will track into northeastern Tennessee early today and will enhance the snow across central and eastern Kentucky this morning into the early afternoon. Snowfall rates of 1″-2″ per hour will be possible.

– This will be a very heavy, wet snow that will cling to everything. Areas that get more than 5″ may have some issues with powerlines and trees due to the weight of the snow.

– Snowfall accumulations today will be greatest across the south and east with lighter amounts to the north. Here is the final call map I put out Tuesday afternoon…

There is likely to be a heck of a sharp cutoff to accumulating snows on the northern and northwestern sides. Will the forecast work out for everyone? Nope… it never does as it is impossible to make one forecast that will cover every single town and city. That is especially true since this is a wet snow coming after a rainy start and with temps around freezing.

You can follow along with this storm with our tracking toys…

Current Temps

Lexington, Kentucky - Lexington Webcam


Pikeville, Kentucky - Pikeville Park 1 Webcam

Harlan, Kentucky - Harlan


Bowling Green

Northern Ky/Covington
Kentucky: I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike


As is our style… a few words on the future.

– Snow showers and flurries will be with us later tonight into Thursday.

– A clipper will bring a round of light snow streaking in from the northwest Thursday night and Friday.

– Another front may arrive on the scene this weekend.

– The stage is set for another possible storm during the first half of next week. That is likely to be followed by a major plunge of arctic air.

Ok… the blog is all yours now. Post the weather from where you live and take care.