Good Wednesday to one and all. We continue to watch a developing storm system set to target the region over the upcoming weekend. The trend for this system is for a much greater impact in our part of the world, but this is still NOT set in stone.

KWC continues to fight through some issues, so I can’t post images at the moment. Trust me, I’m much more frustrated than you guys are with the issues.

Let’s start with the weak system moving in for Thursday. This is really light and will bring a touch of rain and snow our way, but this doesn’t look like a big deal.

Here are some thoughts about the weekend setup:

  • There are still many unanswered questions with this whole scenario, so you guys need to know that right out of the gate.
  • The time frame for this possible impact is Saturday through Monday morning.
  • Energy drops from the upper Midwest southward through the Mississippi Valley Friday into Saturday.
  • The end result may be two low pressure systems before one main low takes over across the Southern Appalachian Mountains or into the Mid-Atlantic States.
  • The first low runs into the Tennesse Valley before giving way to the mac daddy to our east.
  • That low would then rapidly strengthen as it moves northward, likely well inland along the eastern seaboard.

What does all this mean for Kentucky? That remains to be seen, but there is an increasing threat for a significant impact around here. The initial impact would start Saturday with the main impact coming Saturday night through Sunday night.

With so many variables at play, this isn’t the slam dunk that we were looking at with last week’s storm. It won’t take much variation for this storm to go from a major hit to just a few flakes around here. Of course, the opposite is also true in that it wouldn’t take much for this to go from a few flakes to a major hit.

We are still likely to see some hefty model swings over the next few days, so don’t freak out over any one model run. Even some trends may flip around pretty quickly as the energy for this storm isn’t fully sampled yet. The models should get that fully ingested into them over the next 24 hours.

Since I can’t post images with this update, I’ve attached an image to the Twitter link to this post. Go there and check it out:s Kentuckyweather

I will have updates later today. Have a great day and take care.