A Few Showers and Storms This Weekend

Good Saturday, folks. We have another big-time upper-level system rolling across the region this weekend, keeping the pleasant temps in place. This will also kick off a few showers and thunderstorms though not everyone sees a a lot of rain from this.

Today’s showers and storms will increase across the south this morning then gradually spread northeast during the afternoon and evening. The greatest threat for showers and storms is across the southeastern part of the state and some local 1″ amounts can show up through tonight.

The Future Radar from the HRRR shows this well…

Here are your radars to follow along with today’s showers and rumbles of thunder…

As this low pressure moves through here Sunday, wraparound showers work in from the northwest through Sunday night…

Temps stay pleasant next week but should rebound for the second half of the week. The pattern looks rather blocky as we head through the second half of September…

Lee continues to blast areas from New England to Nova Scotia and makes landfall today…

The forecast track on this thing is a sight to behold…

cone graphic

Check out where the hurricane models take this storm next week…

Yep, that’s a track all the way toward the United Kingdom! Extreme is the new normal.

Have a great Saturday and take care.


  1. Schroeder

    Thanks Chris. I know it’s ” normally dry ” this time of the year, but not this dry. Hopefully we will receive some showers today and tomorrow. I miss the ” old normal. ” we had more seasonal changes. Not so extreme.

    • MarkLex

      I’m not surprised by this at all… every single solitary time tropical activity is going on in the Atlantic it creates a dead spot over our area where precipitation is concerned… Hey, at least THAT hasn’t changed with the new climate..

  2. Schroeder

    With the Atlantic so warm, I just wonder this Winter if we will have the ” Southeast Ridge ” to decrease our chances for any Snows. Don’t know. With El Nino’s of the past we didn’t have so much Tropical activity in the Atlantic. Most if any was in the Gulf. I don’t remember any Tropical activity in 2015-16 and that was a strong El Nino with a positive Pacific and a negative Atlantic.

  3. DottieW-LexKY

    Just jumping in here to wish our fabulous Chris Bailey a very happy birthday!

  4. Schroeder

    Happy Birthday Chris ! And many more….

  5. Crystal in Pikeville

    Happy Happy Birthday Chris. Thanks for all you do and staying on top of our crazy weather!! Hope you enjoy your day!

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