12:10pm Update

Good afternoon gang… I wanted to add the new GFS maps to this post so you can compare and contrast them with the NAM. As I mentioned below… the NAM shows more precipitation than what the GFS is depicting and therefore has higher snow and ice amounts. That said… the placement of the snow and ice axis on both models is very similar.

Here is the GFS…

Again… both models have the same overall “theme” and only really differ on the amount of precipitation. There is a small difference in placement… but you can’t expect them to match perfectly.

In looking at these runs… I feel good about the forecast map I put out last night. I will be updating that this afternoon with a final call that will likely result in a few changes… namely to raise snow totals. I should have that map out by mid to late afternoon so keep checking back.

Take care.

Previous Update

Good Wednesday morning gang. Rarely is the sequel as good as the original… but the latest NAM Goes Bam flick goes above and beyond the original in terms of snow and ice production. The model is now spitting out a tremendous amount of precipitation across much of the state and lays a good old fashioned smackdown on a lot of people.

Take a look…

That is a double WOW on both of those maps. The model is cranking out up to a foot of snow into parts of northeastern Kentucky while expanding the overall heavy snowfall area. The ice map is UGLY and shows a fairly large area of better than .50″-.75″ of freezing rain. That is would cause a ton of power problems for the areas getting in on the significant icing.

One thing to keep in mind is.. most of this precipitation will be falling in a 12 hour window late tonight into Thursday. Can you imagine how hard it will have to come down to get those snow and ice totals? Wow. Traffic late tonight and Thursday is going to be a mess and travel is NOT recommended during this time for much of the region.

I see the new GFS is rolling in as I type and is does not produce as much precipitation as the NAM does. Still… it has significant snows and ice for many.

More updates to come… take care.