10pm Update

Good evening one more time. This has been a wicked wintry evening for much of the state as snows have dropped between 1 and 4 inches already in a lot of areas. Those totals will go up overnight and our friends in eastern and southeastern Kentucky will soon take center snow stage as the best moisture works into these areas overnight into Monday.

As winds increase… blowing and drifing snows will be with us as well and travel is not recommended into Monday morning. Bitterly cold air continues to move in as well with temps in the teens and wind chill temps around zero.

Our focus will soon turn toward the Winter Storm Threat from Wednesday through Friday as the cold air looks to hold. This means snow and ice will be a big concern during this time. More on that tonight. Until then… keep posting the weather from where you live. Thanks for all you guys do… you rock!

Take care.

8pm Update

Good evening once again. Isn’t patience a wonderful thing? Snow is filling in nicely across central Kentucky and this is working into the eastern part of the state. Moderate to heavy bands of snow are setting up and these bands can put down a quick inch of the white stuff in an hour or so. Roads are quickly becoming snow covered and winds are whipping the powdery snow around.

Overall… things continue to be going according to plan. More updates later… take care.

6pm Update

Good evening everyone. We are now getting to the part of the forecast where the snows will kick into high gear across central and eastern Kentucky. Snows will continue to rapidly increase in coverage and intensity over the next few hours and the snows will get a booster shot from the moisture plume screaming southeastward from Lake Michigan.

Within the overall snows… bands of heavy snow will be setting up and these bands can drop an inch of snow in an hour. Winds will continue to crank up and visibilities will drop to near zero at times tonight. Temps will be down in the teens soon and the wind chill will head toward zero.

One thing to keep in mind… you simply cannot look at a radar and say the snow is going one way or another. While you can track the snow on that particular radar snapshot… you can easily forget about more snows yet to develop.

More updates as needed.


Good afternoon once again. The forecast remains in good shape for the most part. I am concerned we will see some higher totals than what I have out as this backlash snows are overachieving across the western part of the state. This band will continue to develop eastward this evening and will also get a boost from Lake Michigan as the winds line up for this booster shot. Travel this evening through Monday morning is not recommended as snows increase to go along with blowing and drifting snow.

Here are a few more cams for you to check out…


Bowling Green


Pikeville, Kentucky - Pikeville Webcam

More updates as needed so check back.

Noon Update

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. The forecast continues to go as planned and I have no changes. The backlash snows across western Kentucky look impressive on radar and that action will continue to work eastward through the afternoon and evening hours. It should also increase in coverage leading to the snowfall numbers we have out. Whiteout conditions will be possible at times this evening and overnight as winds continue to crank. Travel conditions will worsen the later we go into the afternoon and evening from west to east.

Track the winds and chill here…


Wind Chill

I will have more updates as needed so check back. Keep posting the weather from where you are as this is the time where the reports from the ground are much needed. Have a great afternoon and take care.

Previous Update

Good Sunday to one and all and welcome to the start of the winter storm. We have a busy day ahead of us with lots of updates coming your way as we follow the twists and turns of old man winter.

The general idea of the overall forecast remains the same as when we first put it out there a few days ago. Here is your breakdown…

– A burst of snow is likely early this morning across the eastern half of the state as the cold air catches up to the back edge of the departing rain shield. A slushy light accumulation is possible for some.

– Watch for a freeze up as temps quickly drop into the 20s.

– After a break in the snow action… backlash snows will move in from west to east today. These snows will increase in coverage and intensity and some bands of moderate to heavy snows will be likely. Here is a breakdown of the timing of the snowy action…

– Winds will increase and could gust close to 40mph at times. This will create blowing and drifting snows and will create whiteout conditions on occasion. Travel conditions will deteriorate very quickly as the backlash snows kick in.

– Temps will fall through the 20s today and will struggle to get out of the teens for Monday and Tuesday. Lows by Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will dip into the single digits.

Here is my final snow map…

Given the fact I expect some bands of heavier snows to set up within the overal snow shield… some locally higher accumulations would be possible.

Here is all you need to track this wintry blast…

Current Temps

Live Cams

Lexington, Kentucky - Lexington Webcam


Richmond, Kentucky - Richmond Webcam

Northern Ky/Covington
Kentucky: I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike

Kentucky: I-71/I-75 at the Cut-in-the-Hill


Pikeville, Kentucky - Pikeville Park 2 Webcam

Somerset, Kentucky - Somerset Webcam

A quick word on the future. We continue the Winter Storm Threat for the Wednesday through Friday morning time period. A weak system will throw moisture northward into the region and this will fall into low level arctic air. This will lead to the threat for ice and snow across much of the region. I do not expect this to be a big storm… but the threat for icing and a low end storm snowfall is why we upgraded. Beyond that storm… wow… what a cold and likely snowy lead in to Christmas!!

Keep checking back today for updates on our current storm. Have a great Sunday and take care.