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Time posted: 12:20 pm

Thursday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to drop by for a quick update on the light mix moving across the state today and the potential for a bigger winter weather impact this weekend. Confidence continues to increase that a developing winter storm will put snow down across parts of the bluegrass state.

Let’s begin with the light rain and mix rolling across the state today. This action picks up later in the day into the evening. Some pockets of freezing rain will be possible and there could even be a swath of light snow in the far north…

The weekend storm system has been fairly well behaved on the computer models over the past few days. Now, let’s hope they aren’t setting us up for a wild swing in the hours leading up to the storm system. 🙂

This system is likely to become a THREAT for a large chunk of real estate, but I’m not ready to go there just yet. I am ready to throw you a snowfall odds map out…

Again, that all depends on the exact track of the low, so the risk areas may be shifted farther north or south. A First Call For Snowfall map is probably a day away still.

A quick check of the forecast models show most of them in pretty decent agreement…





Bitterly cold air follows whatever we get and we could even flirt with some records. Another system may bring winter weather our way later next week.

I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm and will drop by for another KWC update later this evening. Make it a good one and take care.