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A Busy Break From The Bitter Cold

Good Thursday, everyone. Our run of extreme cold is finally coming to an end, with a bit of a January thaw on the way for the next week or two. This will likely be a period that averages above normal, but we will watch several big storm systems rolling across the country.

Temps this morning are in the single digits, with afternoon highs generally in the mid and upper 20s. Skies should be mostly sunny, so good luck with the snow glare. 🙂

Highs on Friday are back into the 30s, with more in the way of sunshine. Clouds will increase on Saturday as temps make a run toward the 40s. With the increase in clouds, a few showers try to pop up during the afternoon and evening. Milder southwesterly winds really kick in on Sunday with temps heading toward the 50s.

The models are trending a little colder with our weekend temps. Here’s the GFS…

This is ahead of a cold front moving in here Sunday night into Monday. That brings a wall of rain across the state…

Temps will tumble behind this front, but the numbers aren’t anything to worry about. It’s just a seasonal shot of temps coming in behind this into the middle of the week.

With a pattern skewing a little milder, it’s also wetter looking. The next two weeks worth of precipitation on the GFS Ensembles show the flow coming from the Gulf…

The majority of that is likely to be rain, but we will have to track each individual storm system to see exactly how they play out.

This is likely just a little break in winter.

I will  update later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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Wednesday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. We have one more bitterly cold night ahead of us, then the pattern takes on a little different look in the days ahead. A January thaw looks to be in the making.

Single digit lows show up tonight with wind chills around zero or a little below. Any remaining flurries will quickly wind down.

Temperatures by Thursday start to moderate, with highs in the mid and upper 20s. Mid and upper 30s show up on Friday, with temps deep into the 40s for Saturday. That’s when we have a small shower chance. That chance is ahead of a strong cold front slated to arrive late Sunday and Monday…

Highs ahead of this will hit the 50s on Sunday, and could tickle 60 if we can get a ray of sun. Behind the front, temps take a seasonal tumble on Monday.

A big rebound takes place later next week, ahead of the next big storm system rolling across the country…

This is a very stormy pattern across the country in the coming weeks, with the bitterly cold setup taking a break.

Enjoy the evening and take care.


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Wednesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, folks. Pockets of light snow and flurries continue to put down some light accumulations out there today, as the arctic air remains. If you’re looking for a thaw, it’s on the way as we slowly pull out of this historically cold pattern.

Todays light snow will continue to put down some light accumulations…

Many of those flakes are arctic in nature, with very little moisture content, so they won’t show up on radars.

Lows tonight are back into the single digits, but that may be the last we see of those for a while.

We start to moderate those temps over the few days, with some milder days actually settling in for Saturday and Sunday. That’ ahead of a strong cold front, producing gusty winds and a wall of rain crossing the state late Sunday and Monday…

There could be a touch of snow behind that as temps take a bit of a dip. Seasonally cold air does sweep in behind that system through next week, but the pattern is going to skew milder over the final few weeks of the month. Watch these big shots of milder temps try to fight off colder shots diving in from the north…

Obviously, that’s a VERY active setup, with storm systems crossing the country…

Is this the famed “January Thaw” setting up? That seems like a realistic possibility, but if it’s just a “thaw”, it means more winter will follow that. My winter forecast of a milder February isn’t too happy with the long term prospects I’m seeing. That said, it’s loving the front loaded winter we have had to this point. 🙂

I will throw you another update this evening. Make it a good one and take care.


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A Few More Flakes Today

Good Wednesday, everyone. This incredible stretch of bitterly cold temps is about to finally ease up as we head into the coming days. Temps will slowly start to moderate later this week into the coming weekend, but there are growing signs of a very active pattern taking shape.

Let’s start with today and roll forward.

Temps this morning range from a little below zero to a little above, depending on the clouds. The clouds did manage to move in overnight, actually raising our temps some, keeping things from getting totally out of hand. Wind chills will be much colder. Highs this afternoon are back in the teens for many area.

Areas of light snow and flurries will also be possible, with light accumulations trying to show up from time to time…

Thursday starts with ANOTHER day in the single digits, and ends with temps in the upper 20s to low 30s.

Friday looks good as we start to melt some snow with temps going well above freezing, under a sunny sky.

Saturday will feature temps making a run at 50 with a shower or two possible. The best chance for showers comes later Sunday as a cold front marches in from the west. Temps ahead of this have a chance to get deep into the 50s and challenge 60, then come crashing back down.

The models are suggesting the possibility of rain ending as snow later Monday…

Seasonally cold temps follow that up for much of next week, in a pattern that should be looking milder than it is. It’s also a pattern that may feature an active storm track working across the country…

I will update things later today. Have a good one and take care.


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Frozen Pipes ALERT

Good evening, everyone. Snow is finally tapering off across eastern and southeastern parts of the state, with the brutally cold temps now settling in. This will likely give us the coldest night of what has been a bitterly cold winter here in Kentucky.

Before we talk temps, let’s track the snow out of the bluegrass state…

Temperatures are already going below zero out there this evening, with the numbers overnight having the chance to get a little crazy on us. Lows can approach -10 if we keep the clear skies, with some pockets of even colder temps showing up.

The short range models are showing this well…

That is absolutely brutal, so please take all precautions. Wind chills will be even colder. This is dangerous stuff, folks.

A few flurries or snow showers will then develop on a northwesterly wind on Wednesday.

Temps slowly rebound later in the week. with an outside chance at 60 by Sunday. That’s ahead of a potent cold front, bringing rain our way…

Seasonally cold air comes in behind that early next week, with another system trying to swing in behind it…

The pattern should be trending milder over the next few weeks, but the European Model doesn’t really want a lot of that. It has an interesting look late next week…

When a winter gets going like this one, it can be hard to completely flip a switch to turn it off, even if the global signals are there.

Enjoy the evening and take care.