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Rounds Of Storms Continue

Good Saturday, everyone. We are coming off another super soaker of a weather week across the bluegrass state. Many areas picked up greater than 3″ of rain, with amounts topping 6″ in isolated areas of the west. What a soggy summer!

As we get ready to close the book on July,  we aren’t closing the book on the wet weather. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will carry over into the first week of the month.

The forecast for this weekend continues to be pretty straightforward. It’s not going to rain all the time, but it’s going to REALLY come down when it does. There’s the chance for a stronger complex of storms to sweep across the region at some point. That shows up at varying times and in varying strength on the models…


With a waterlogged ground, any storm that goes up can cause flash flooding.

Scattered storms continue into early next week, with the potential for some clusters of storms diving in from the northwest.

The setup later in the week into next weekend could become super active… again. This happens as a cold front dives in from the northwest and slows down. That may allow for waves of low pressure to develop along it. All this happens as some tropical stuff tries to fire up in the Gulf…


I leave you with your tracking toys for the day…

Have a great day and take care.

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Heavy Rain Threat Continues

Good Friday, folks. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms have put down a tremendous amount of rain across the state this week. Unfortunately, we have more heavy rain on the way as we slide into the weekend. This keeps the flash flood potential elevated.

While today won’t be as wet as yesterday, thunderstorms that go up will contain a lot of lightning and torrential rains. The models are honing in on a low pressure system crossing the region through Saturday, and this could bring even heavier rains to the region. Here’s the Canadian…


The European…


Flash flooding issues are a good likelihood over the next few days.

Rounds of showers and storms will continue to impact the region as we move into the first week of August. For the record, this is the 4th straight summer of wetter to much wetter than normal weather across Kentucky. Each of the prior three also featured above to much above normal snowfall for the following winters. Hmmm

I leave you with your Friday tracking toys…

Have a great day and take care.


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Tracking The Flash Flood Threat

Good Thursday, everyone. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms continue to pound much of the bluegrass state. This action can lead to a tremendous amount of rain that can cause flash flooding issues.

The amount of moisture available in the atmosphere is off the charts. This will only add to the amount of rainfall these storms can produce. Radars will underestimate the totals in a situation like this.

The storms will come at us in waves today and flash flooding is a very real threat. If you live in a low lying or flood prone area, please keep a very close eye on water levels.

After talking about this potential for more than a week, there’s nothing left for us to do, except to track it…

I will have the very latest on twitter and on WKYT-TV. Have a great day and take care.


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Storms On The Increase

Good Wednesday, everyone. Rounds of showers and storms will continue to amp up over the next several days. This action has been well advertised for the past week, and it could bring some issues our way. Heavy rains and some strong storms will be our headline makers in the coming days.

Today will feature more of the same with storms going up in this sticky atmosphere. I will have your tracking toys in a bit.

A trough digs into the Ohio Valley over the next few days. This brings a couple of low pressures through the region, with waves of heavy rain producing showers and storms…

Euro 2

Here is one model rainfall forecast through Friday…


Additional showers and thunderstorms should be around this weekend into early next week…

Euro 3

We will need to be on guard for possible flash flooding through this time.

The pattern remains active next week into the first week of August. That’s when the GFS has been showing a big trough digging into the eastern part of the country…


Here are your tracking toys for the day…

Make it a great day and take care.


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Heavy Rain Threat Increases

Good Tuesday to one and all. Rounds of thunderstorms will continue to rumble across the state, and will actually be increasing in the coming days. The setup is primed to deliver some very heavy rains to our part of the world, and this can result in flash flooding issues.

Today’s storms may be similar to what we had on Monday. The action fires up during the afternoon and evening hours, with lots of lightning and heavy rain. Local stream and street flooding will be possible.

Storms will really increase during the second half of the week as a storm system works across our region. This isn’t something you see very often during the heart of summer…


The models continue to point to a lot of rain. The GFS shows a lot of water falling…

GFS Rain

Here’s the Canadian…

GFS Rain

Again… this is the kind of setup that can lead to a flash flood event across our region.

The GFS Ensembles for the next 2 weeks show a very active pattern continuing…

GFS Rain 2

Have a great day and take care.