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Scattered Storms and Steamy Temps

Good Thursday, folks. It’s more of the same in terms of the weather across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Scattered storms and steamy temps continue to rule the pattern across our part of the world.

It’s pretty simple as far as forecast goes through the coming weekend and early next week. Daytime highs will range from the middle 80s to the low 90s with humidity levels making it feel MUCH, MUCH hotter. A daily threat for showers and storms will also be with us. The Models are trying to ramp it up a notch over the weekend. Check out the rainfall numbers through Tuesday…


From there, it’s all about what happens in the tropics. The models continue to struggle (as they should from days away) with what should become Hermine . The European Model shows this crossing southern Florida late this weekend and early next week…


From there, the latest run takes it toward the Florida Panhandle…

Euro 2

The Canadian is a little farther west…


We will continue to see some wild fluctuations in track and intensity over the next few days. This is very typical of tropical systems.

Here are your tracking tools for the day…

Have a great day and take care.


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A Familiar Pattern Is Back

Good Wednesday, everyone. This has been a summer dominated by two things… Steam and storms. The dynamic weather duo is back in the bluegrass state for an encore performance as we get ready to close out meteorological summer. To make things more interesting, the tropics are firing up.

Today will feature a few storms blowing up as the steamy air settles in from the southwest. Your tracking tools are back in a bit.

Daytime highs will range from the upper 80s to around 90 starting Thursday and running through the weekend. Any one area can see temps go a little higher, but the daily threat for storms may help us out…


The tropical air will make it feel much hotter, and can also cause any shower or thunderstorm to put down a lot of rain. The local high water threat will need to be monitored. 🙁

The tropics are kicking it now with 3 systems in the Atlantic. A current unnamed system will head toward the Bahamas this weekend, and likely develop into a storm before reaching Florida. The latest European…


The model now takes that into the central Gulf of Mexico and develops it into a monster. The new run brings this system all the way into our region next week…

Euro 2

Folks, that’s what I call a “WOW” run. This actually matches up well with the GFS from several days ago. You know… the same GFS that has lost the storm.

Here are your tracking tools for the scattered storms of today…

Have a great day and take care.


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Steam and Scattered Storms Set To Return

Good Tuesday, folks. It’s another absolutely gorgeous weather day across the bluegrass state, and I recommend you get out and take full advantage of it. Steamy temps and scattered storms are about to make another run at us in the coming days.

The action begins with a big increase in temps and humidity on Wednesday. That can lead to isolated showers and storms bubbling up. This happens as a weak cold front moves in on Thursday with an increase in the scattered stuff. This front is likely to put the brakes on and hang around into the coming weekend…


The air will be very tropical during this time and that can lead to some heavy rainers. Sigh.

Speaking of the tropics, we are less than a week away from what the models show to be a very formidable system heading toward Florida. The Canadian model…


The European Model takes this across Florida and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico, strengthening along the way…


Any system in the Gulf has a shot at directly impacting our weather, so that’s something to keep a close eye on. Especially when the European Model has a trough digging in and trying to capture the system…

Euro 2

Make it a great day and take care.

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Great Weather To Start The Week

Good Monday to one and all. I finally have an update that doesn’t include radars!!! This is one of the few times of the entire summer, and that makes me a very happy weather camper. To make things even better, temperatures and humidity levels are perfect for this time of the year. Enjoy it, things will change a bit later in the week.

A quick word about the summer rains. This is the 4th consecutive wet summer here in the bluegrass state. Lexington is now in the top ten wettest Augusts on record, with more than a week left to roll.

We are not going to add to the rainfall numbers today as we have a dose of the good stuff out there. Even in a “dry” time, we have to watch for a shower or thunderstorm going up in the west on Tuesday. This happens as warmer air moves back in…


Isolated stuff will be possible on Wednesday with a slightly better chance for some showers and storms on Thursday. That’s ahead of a cold front dropping in from the northwest…


That front will likely hang out across the region into the coming weekend. That should bring some scattered showers and storms to our region…


By this time, we should be tracking something tropical coming through the Caribbean toward Florida. The models, as you would expect from this far out, are all over the place. The GFS…


That’s actually pretty close to the Canadian Model…


The European Model is now trying to take that system across Florida and into the Gulf, but almost looks like it splits the energy…


This should be fun to track, as the tropics have a bigger influence on our weather pattern than may people realize.

Have a great day and take care.


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A September Preview Arrives

Good Sunday, folks. The breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting on for the past two months is blowing in today. This will bring a taste of September temperatures for the next few days. Beyond that, much of the pattern is likely to be dictated by what, if anything, happens in the tropics.

Our day starts with some showers and thunderstorms across the central and east. This action moves out during the afternoon, leaving us with much better air blowing in.

This will set the stage for some very cool air tonight with lows in the 50s. The 40s may not be too far away from us…

GFS Temps

Monday will be absolutely fantastic with highs in the upper 70s for much of the central and east, and low 80s in the west. Sunny skies will combine with dewpoints in the 50s to give us some of the awesome sauce…

GFS Temps 2

Tuesday looks like another winner of a day, but moisture starts to creep back in by Wednesday. A stray shower or thunderstorm will be possible. The storm chances increase on Thursday as another cold front sweeps in here…


As I mentioned earlier, the tropics will, directly or indirectly, dictate the pattern after that.

It’s interesting to note the CFS with an overall cooler look through the first few days of October…


I’m not sure I buy fully buy that, but that’s what it shows. Speaking of something I rarely buy into…



Have a great day and take care.