A Couple Of Ugly Days Ahead

Good Tuesday evening. Rounds of showers will continue across the region over the next few days as a huge upper low spins across the region.

GFSTemps over the next few days will be in the mid and upper 50s with a couple of low 60s around. The scattered showers will be joined by gusty winds.

I will have a full update coming later tonight and it will include A LOT of winter talk. Some interesting things are showing up.

Enjoy the evening and take care.


Tuesday Storm Tracker

Good Tuesday, everyone. Showers and thunderstorms are marching across the bluegrass state as a powerful system works in from the west. These storms may severe with damaging wind as the primary threat. The highest potential will be across central and eastern parts of the state.

These are very slow movers that can put down a ton of water in a short amount of time. High water may become a problem in some areas.

Let’s track…

Today’s risk area

Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current watches

Current Watches

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I will have updates as needed and will send out breaking weather information through my @kentuckyweather twitter feed.

Look for another post later this evening on where we go from here.

Take care.


Tornado Watch Along and West Of I-65

Good Monday evening, gang. Our severe weather outbreak is well underway with a squall line of thunderstorms racing across western Kentucky. Damaging winds have already been observed around the Paducah area and this line continues to roll eastward.

A TORNADO WATCH is now out for areas along and west of Interstate 65 until 1am EDT. I have you all set to track the severe weather as it rolls to the east…

Today’s risk area

Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current watches

Current Watches

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Stay safe and take care.


Severe Weather Threat Tracker

Good Monday, everyone. Warm and humid air has invaded Kentucky and that’s not a good thing. This will help fire up rounds of strong and severe thunderstorms as a powerhouse system moves our way. This is all part of our very active pattern that looks to grow much colder later this week into next.

Today’s storms will be scattered early in the day and a few of those could be strong. A squall line of storms will roll into western Kentucky later in the day and that SLOWLY rolls eastward tonight into Tuesday. Damaging winds, hail and a few tornadoes will be possible with this line. It’s also a slow mover, so flooding rains will be possible. Your trackers in a bit.

I have no changes to my week long ideas of an upper low closing off across the region for Wednesday and Thursday…

EuroChilly showers and gusty winds will highlight both of those days. Highs should mainly run in the 50s.

Another shot of chill arrives this weekend as a front passes through on Saturday…

Euro 2Temps may reach the upper 30s by Sunday morning with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s.

There continues to be a tremendous amount of blocking showing up across North America and the Northern Hemisphere. That may deliver another slow moving storm system that takes on a colder look about a week from now…

Euro 3Interesting.

Let’s get back to what we have out there today… the potential for severe weather. Your trackers…

Today’s risk area

Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current watches

Current Watches

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Have a great day and take care.


Watching The Severe Storms Threat

Good Sunday, everyone. Rounds of thunderstorms will increase across Kentucky today and some of these could be on the strong or severe side. This begins a three day period where we have to be on guard for the possibility of severe weather.

The stronger storms out there late today could feature large hail and high winds. A surge of warm and unstable air is moving in and that can sometimes create a little spin in the atmosphere. I will have your tracking toys in just a bit.

The bigger action comes with a significant storm system sweeping our way late Monday into Tuesday. This will be a slow mover with rounds of strong and severe storms possible ahead of it. Damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes are possible during this time. The individual threats will have to be fine-tuned as we get closer.

Heavy rainfall is also a very good bet and that could lead to high water issues for some.

The models continue to show this system becoming cut-off from the main flow for the middle and end of the week…

Euro 2 Euro 3

Wet, windy and chilly weather will be common around here during that time. Another shot of chill will follow that up by next weekend.

I have all your tracking tools for today’s storms…

Today’s risk area

Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current watches

Current Watches

Possible watch areas Current MDs



I will have updates as needed. Make it a great day and take care.


Very Active Setup Continues

Good Saturday and welcome to the weekend. October is normally a quiet and calm month for the most part around here. This October has been anything but that with rounds of rain and storms and even an historic tornado outbreak. Guess what? The active pattern continues and we could have another round of severe weather early next week.

There is a little bit of good news with a break in the rain for some today. Our front sags just a bit to the south and that may take the steady rains into Tennessee. That means some drying is possible into the afternoon and evening. The farther south you live, the greater the chance for showers today.

Current Temperatures

Scattered showers and storms work back in later tonight into Sunday with some locally heavy rains. Storms will really increase Sunday night and Monday well ahead of of a strong storm system. That system arrives late Monday into Tuesday…

Euro 4This has the look of a severe weather maker and that is something we will need to be on guard for. The Storm Prediction Center already has much of the region in the slight risk for severe weather on Monday…

I will update that threat as we get closer. That’s also a lot of rain showing up that could lead to some high water issues.

It’s looking more and more like this system will become cutoff from the main flow for the middle and end of next week…

Euro 3

Euro If that happens… nasty weather is a good bet with shower, chilly temps and gusty winds.

Have a great day and take care.


Trackin Heavy Rain and Storms

Good Friday, everyone. Showers and thunderstorms continue to rumble across the bluegrass state and this is a sign of things to come. A stationary front and waves of low pressure will combine forces to create waves of heavy rainfall that will continue into the first half of next week.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekend:

- Today will feature rounds of showers and storms with heavy rainfall. Some areas could pick up 1″-2″ through tonight. Find the ponchos if you’re heading out to a high school football game.

- Saturday will find this boundary drifting a bit to the south. That may allow for some temporary drying across much of the area in the afternoon and evening.

- Showers and storms should return with heavy rain possible on Sunday.

The really active part of this pattern may be with us from late Monday into Tuesday. This is a very strong storm system that may allow for strong or severe storms to develop late Monday into Monday night as it works in from the west…


That will be something for us to keep a very close eye on. That would also bring torrential rains back into the region and the models continue to spit out very high totals through Tuesday…

Euro 2Chilly winds will blow behind this departing storm system late Tuesday into Wednesday with highs that may not get out of the 50s.

Temps will likely rebound after that, but a recurving typhoon in the western Pacific argues for another big dip in the jet stream late next weekend into the following week.

Have a great Friday and take care.


Heavy Rain and Storms Move In

Good Thursday, everyone. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms are taking aim at the bluegrass state as we go into an extended period of soggy weather. All signs continue to point toward several inches of rain falling over the next week. That could lead to high water issues.

Scattered showers and storms continue to push into the region from west to east today. This action will increase later this evening into tonight when heavy rain becomes more of an issue.

The stalled out front will hang tough on top of the region through the weekend as waves of low pressure work along the boundary. That leads to a weekend washout…

GFSThe models then continue to key on a stronger system moving in early next week. The European Model is cutting this thing off right on top of Kentucky…

Euro 2 Strong storms will be possible ahead of that system with torrential rainfall possible as the system slows down. The rainfall numbers from that same computer model are crazy…

Euro 3

That would lead to an increase in the flooding threat. Again… that’s not all coming at one time, but over the next week.

Let’s track today’s rain into town…

Have a great day and take care.


A Wet and Stormy Setup Ahead

Good Wednesday, everyone. Wow. That’s about all I can say about the weather around here Tuesday. Rounds of strong and severe thunderstorms pounded the state with large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes. That goes down as one of the busiest days I’ve had on the TV Side of things.

Thankfully, things are much calmer out there today. Don’t get spoiled by it as rounds of rain and storms look to become common from later this week through the weekend and into next week.

Today will find a partly sunny sky with pleasant temps ranging from the mid 60s in the north to around 70 south.

Clouds will quickly return later tonight and that sets the stage for showers and scattered thunderstorms to return from west to east on Thursday. The setup remains the same with a stalled out frontal boundary with ripples of low pressure moving along it. This leads to showers and storms through the upcoming weekend. Heavy rain amounts are likely during this time.

Temps will range vary depending on the exact placement of the front on any given day. Areas to the north of the front may have a few days in the 50s with a big temp swing setting up from north to south.

Another potent storm is likely to develop across the plains and roll into the region early next week. Check out the European Model…


If that verifies… severe storms and heavy rains would be possible once again.

The rainfall numbers from the European Model continue to run on the hefty side for Kentucky and surrounding areas. Take a look at the numbers…

Euro 2As I said… enjoy today’s dry weather and take care.


More Storms On The Way

Good Tuesday, folks. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms have been rumbling across the bluegrass state over the next few days. This is just the beginning of a very active setup that is likely to lead to some hefty rainfall numbers in the coming days.

We have another disturbance swinging across the state today and this is touching off more showers and storms. A few of these could be hail and wind makers and I will have your tracking tools in a bit.

The setup for later this week into the weekend features a pattern leading to rounds of showers and storms pushing across our region…

Special 2

The stalled out front should be right across our region with warm air to the south and cold to the north. Throw in a few areas of low pressure moving along the front, and you get rounds of showers and storms. Heavy rainfall continues to look likely during this time. The models are spitting out several inches of rain through Sunday…

EuroLocal amounts can be much, much higher because of thunderstorms. This could lead to local high water concerns during this time.

Another storm system is likely to move our way early next week with more heavy rain and thunderstorms.

I have you set to track today’s boomers…

Today’s risk area

Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current watches

Current Watches

Possible watch areas Current MDs



Have a great day and take care.